For the past twenty years I have worked in science as a public sector educator at Vancouver Island University.  I have always loved science and especially enjoy helping others experience the WOW! factor.  As a kid my friends called me "the prof".  The internet has opened us all up to new possibilities.  While we can quickly connect with family, friends in new and exciting ways and we have access to unlimited information, that information is often misleading or incorrect.  This is especially true for information pertaining to agriculture and food production.

One hundred years ago it was an event to see an airplane in the sky.  Today we think nothing of connecting instantly with someone on the other side of the planet.  Technology continues to advance and its pace is sometimes scary.  The 21st century has been called the biology century.  From personalized health, gene therapy cures and dramatic improvements to food production, advances in biology will have a major impact on our lives.

My website, including articles, talks, interviews and links is designed to help cut through some of the misinformation out there.  I want to help people understand the evidence and science of genetically engineered crops and derived foods. 



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