Here are my publications. These have been organized into peer-reviewed journal articles, and then articles in popular media (newspapers, websites, etc).

Public Media

Viewpoint: How the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. fails viewers in its misleading coverage of GMO crops and glyphosate (download as PDF)

CAPITAL IDEAS: The Ripple Effects of Scientific Illiteracy Can Have Dire Consequences

The Mystery of the ‘Rogue Wheat’

Are Bees in Peril from neonicitinoids?

Trust the Science, not the Food Fads

Dirty Secrets of Fraudulent 'Advocacy Research'

The Frankenfood myth: A GE salmon is still a salmon

The Agriculture Manifesto

Grain's west- Faceoff

Fear of GMO's not grounded in science

Not all science is created equal: The GE crops story

What really happened at AVICC regarding GE ban

Special to The Garden Island

Junk Science is leading to Junk Public Policy

The Future of Bt Brinjal

Science sides with genetically modified crops

A Better Apple Awaits, But Regulators Won't Allow Us A Bite

Why the IAASTD Failed

GM Reporting should rely on real expertise

Future of GM crops

Run for the Hills: A Nuclear Energy Story

Organics versus GMO: Why the debate?

Engineering Drought Tolerance

The Biotech Solution to the Plastic Problem

No Label Required

Co-existence Crops

The New Apple a Day

Pharma crops

Transgenic Canola does not Threaten Bees and Butterflies

Genetically Engineered Crops:The First Ten Years

Goliath verses Goliath (The Percy Schmeiser story)

The Good Found in GURTs

Biotechnology Benefits Biodiversity

Biotech Potatoes Could Save Fish

Food Scares, Fact or Fiction

How did we get here from there? Biotechnology is threatened in Canada

Health Food Biotech Style

Some Facts about Food Biotechnology (GM Food)

Biotech’s Battle Against Famine


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