Robert Wager, M.Sc.

My goal is to help explain the science of GE crops and derived foods, with an emphasis on agriculture and food production. My website has pages for my in-person appearances, my peer-reviewed publications and for links to other sources on GE crops and derived foods, as well as related topics. The last page is a little bit about me. I want to help people understand the evidence and science of genetically engineered crops and derived foods, and to cut through some of the misinformation out there.

About Me

I am lucky to live on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island, in the small town of Nanaimo. I currently teach at the local university, Vancouver Island University (VIU), which is in Nanaimo as well. My classes are on molecular biology and biochemistry, and I conduct research on genetically modified foods and crops. In my career, I have become familiar with other topics as well, such as agriculture, aquaculture, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, environment, journalism, plants, science and sustainability. All of these topics are related to each other, and if you go through my publications, appearances and tweets, you'll see references to all of them.

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Here is a collection of my appearances at various conferences and debates. Also included are presentations, radio talks, debates, presentations, talks, and lectures.

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A Disclaimer

This is my personal website - not a peer-reviewed journal or a sponsored publication site. I personally take steps to ensure the accuracy, completeness and validity of the information presented here, but it is presented on an as-is basis. It is your responsibility, the reader, to verify your own facts and opinions. I only hope to present you with the correct facts, leading to a greater understanding of GE crops and derived foods. My views and opinions also do not necessarily reflect the official policy of any other agency, organization, employer or company. Assumptions made in any analysis are not reflective of the position of any entity other than the author, and these views are subject to change, revision, and/or rethinking at any time.