About Robert Wager

I’m Rob Wager, an independent scientist here to bring the realities of agriculture and food production to light. If you would like to know a bit more about myself and my career, you’re in the right place.

Robert Wager, M.Sc

My mission

My goal is to help explain the science of Genetically Engineered (GE) crops and derived foods, with an emphasis on agriculture and food production. People have genuine fear about this technology, but the fear is based on misinformation.  

This fear has blocked the adoption of GE technology in many parts of the world. The future of food production is in “sustainable intensification”. The world will need the best of every type of agriculture, including GE, if we are going to sustainably feed 10 billion people.

Soon I will retire from VIU and expand my Consulting, Speaking and Writing activities full time. Ultimately my mission is to provide an accurate perspective and voice for explaining the real science of GMOs.

Work with Rob.

Interested my consulting or speaking services? The first step is to contact me through this website.

We’ll start with a no-obligation phone or email discussion where we can chat about your needs to determine if we’d be a good fit.

Teaching at VIU

I have been a Faculty member in the Biology Department of Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo, BC, Canada since 1995. My training is in biochemistry and molecular biology. 

Additionally, I personally research genetically modified crops and foods with an emphasis on public outreach. 

I have expertise in:

  • agriculture
  • aquaculture
  • biochemistry
  • biology
  • biotechnology
  • environment
  • journalism
  • microbiology
  • plants
  • science
  • sustainability in food production

I am an independent scientist with no financial connection to the biotechnology industry. I have been involved in GMO research with an emphasis on public education since 2001. I have given many talks and written many articles for the general public that help explain different aspects of GE technology.

Nanaimo & Area

I am lucky to live on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo, where Vancouver Island University (VIU) is located. Nanaimo is a small town with a small-town pace; the roads aren't packed, and you run into acquaintances everywhere.

We are blessed with warm summers, and mild winters with little snow, meaning that the outdoors can be enjoyed year round. We can see Vancouver from our deck, and it’s only a twenty minute seaplane flight over the Juan de Fuca Straight to be in the heart of the big city.

My wife and I share a passion for baseball. We do get down to watch the Seattle Mariners live each year and plan to expand this activity to all 30 teams when we retire.

We have four grown up kids. They're great kids with diverse and unique interests. Life around our house is never boring.