Video & Audio Recordings

This is your chance to see Robert Wager in action, with video recordings of public speaking, and audio files discussing Genetically-Engineered crops and derived foods with others.

  • Talking Biotech Podcast #194: Countering Disinformation in Africa

    Robert Wager & Dr. Kevin Folta Talking Biotech Podcast July 2019

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  • GMO Adoption Debate

    Robert Wager K24 TV June 2019

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  • Robert Wager & Shaun Haney discuss a CBC story smearing University of Saskatchewan professor for alleged ties to Monsanto

    Robert Wager & Shaun Haney Real Agriculture March 2017

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  • A Hungry World: More with Less

    Robert Wager Vancouver Island University April 2016

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  • Genetic Engineering of Seeds: Hope or Hazard of the Future

    Robert Wager University of Manitoba July 2014

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  • Genetically Engineered Crops: Do We Need Them?

    Robert Wager Vancouver Island University January 2014

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